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« on: December 12, 2003, 03:57:25 am »

Over the past couple months I received a series 1954 $1000 Lawson/Bauey note in AU condition, a rare 1979 "510" Lawson Bauey replacement note in EF+ and a bunch of 1979 $5's, 1971 $10's and 1979 $20's. For some reason, somebody here in town has dumped several bundles of 1971 $10 notes as well as series 1979 $20's. They all came from the same person, the teller noticed a "musty" smell to the notes like they were either stored in an attic or a basement for a real long time. Then a couple of days later, another bank got a bundle of 1971 $10's and 1979 $20's and they also had the exact musty smell as the other notes. Each teller told me it was some guy who deposited them, so my guess it was the same person.

Then just yesterday, another batch of 1971 $10's showed up at the bank along with the 1979 $5's, but they came from a woman and they didn't have an odor like the other notes. But luckily I went through them all and came across a couple of Lawson/Bauey EET notes. One note was in EF++ and the other in VF-EF condition. I was surprised to get a couple considering that they are pretty hard to find. And they other day I came across another 1979 "516" note in low grade EF. I've been lucking out for some reason. And about 2 months ago I came across a $1 nickel 1974 Winnipeg "100" year centennial error coin. I don't know what it is but all this neat stuff has been showing up lately? But I'm not complaining. I found a lot of notes that I wanted to add to my collection. I just hope more stuff keeps showing up.


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