Topic: Hard Plastic Holders VS. Normal Mylar Sleeves  (Read 1896 times)
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« on: December 16, 2008, 04:39:24 pm »

I have recently been thinking on which of these holders would be safer to keep my notes in, and I am hoping that some of you could help me out.

I was thinking of putting some of my more expensive notes in hard plastic holders, just because I dont want anything to happen to them. (Example, I pick up my binder with all my notes in it but I pick it up the wrong way so some of my notes fall out and I accidently step on one, Leaving a BIG! crease... :'().
But then I started thinking again, I have like 5 notes that I bought at an auction that were in hard plastic case's (Notes that are not worth much, 1967 $1's No Serial Numbers and some 1973 $1's that are not special in any way.) Anyway, I tilted one of the case's just to see if they moved inside the case, but they didnt. So I thought that maybe there is to much force being put onto the notes that they become "Pressed".

So then I was thinking I should just leave all of my notes in the mylar sleeve's. But I bought them about 2 tto 3 years ago and I can not remember if the guy that sold them to me said if they were mylar or not... (They are the ones with the rounded edge's on the top and a flat bottem, and the sides look like the side of a quarter, If you know what I mean.)

So now I am not sure on what to do?  ???

What Do You Think?



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