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I was unsure if a birth year note can be EAX3451980 or does it have to be EAX00001980. Or can it be both, being the low numbered one being worth a considerable more? THanks, travis
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Birth Year Notes are notes with serial numbers like your second example, EAX 0001980. The initial digits must all be zero, and the last four correspond to the year of someone's birth. They generally hold more value to someone born in that year, or to someone who knows someone born in that year.

Birth Day Notes are notes with serial numbers that form the exact day of one's birth, in any arrangement. For example, a birthdate of March 12, 1959 could be represented by any of the following: 3121959, 1959312, 1959123, 1231959, etc. These notes generally hold no premium except to those whose birthdays they represent.

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