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I am new to CPMF. However I have been a banknote collector/trader/buyer/seller for over 20 years. I have over 700 transactions on ebay with 100% feedback. I am known to many buyers and sellers in the community. I have a modest yet fairly well stocked collection.
I would like to take part in CPMF's  trading post, but am unable to do so because I am a newbie -not able to participate until I have 15 posts elsewhere on the site.
Now I'm not here to whine and I appreciate that  the system has been established for a reason. And I agree that those with no experience in this field, this great hobby, would be better served to sit on the sidelines and observe for awhile.
As a suggestion though, might it be possible for new members to CPMF to apply, as it were, to the moderators and then based on information authenticated (such as a long term ebay clean slate, participation in other banknote related business, etc.) be admitted to the club? Otherwise, it almost encourages new members to post, let us say, less than thoughtful messages just to to go through the hoops.

Thanks for reading this.
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Well then welcome to the CPMF. :)

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Welcome, RubberSoul,

I have to admit, nobody has made this request prior to now. That said, I don't see why we can't make reasonable exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

The rule will stand, obviously, as it is in place for valid reasons, but I would ask that you please contact me privately to pursue this. I'm sure that we can find a mutually agreeable solution to your situation.


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