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Hello, newbie here with, hopefully, a successful first post. For many years  I have stashed several bills from new money shipments for a chartered bank. Here is information on ones I hope have potential interesting valuation possibilities. First 1 is a 1937 $1. note Coyne/Towers YM8785272. This one was found in the tellers cash at end
of banking day, I've looked at "Grading Canadian Banknotes" data & this looks to me to qualify as AU, maybe better. Second - 3 asterisk 1954 $1. notes Beattie/Rasminksky BM0357384-386 look good as new to me, no folds and never in circulation. Third - 9 asterisk 1954 $1. notes Beattie/Rasminksy AA0441292-300, good as new I think. Fourth - 4 asterisk 1954 $1. notes Beattie/Rasminsky, 3 as new and 1 at high end of AU I think. Fifth - 1 asterisk 1954 $5. note Beattie/Rasminsky, no folds or counting marks, not circulated and looks as new to me.

I'm of ancient age, not on the endangered species list but approaching it. In short this means I'm pretty much computer illiterate and have no idea as to how and where to begin to post pictures. Hopefully I can get this on the forum and will sincerely appreciate any comments and maybe advice from any members willing to reply. 
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Welcome to the forum,
On your notes value, as you found out most importantly is the condition of the notes. 

1937 - Coyne Towers $1, in perfect Gem Unc condition this is book value of $150.00, then in CH UNC its $90, then UNC at $75.00 then AU at $45.00.  Its a fairly common note.

1954 Beattie Rasminsky * $1 BM notes, Gem Unc is $25, CH Unc $16, UNC $11.  Again quite common.

1954 Beattie Rasminsky * $1 AA notes Gem Unc is 30, CH Unc is 20, Unc is 17.  again common but less so than the BM.

The other notes i need serial numbers for to price accurately.  Hope this help, Murray
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Murray, thanks very much for the reply, was hoping I hadn't posted inappropriately. The group of 4 I mentioned under "Fourth" were also Beattie/Rasminsky so the values would be the same as the others mentioned, unless the grade was different. The 1954 *$5. note bears signatures of Beattie/Rasminsky as well and the serial number is
RC 0068792.

I'm working on becoming familiar with and understanding valuations at I did some serial number searches, showed values for both circulated and uncirculated. I'm unsure as to whether a serial number search zeroes in as to whether the notes are with or without the devil's face. I thought I was getting an idea but feel confused just now.

It feels it's time, at least coming soon, to downsize in sentimental hobby possessions and we have no family with interests in banknotes or coins. I don't consider myself a banknote collector - did keep coins too, need to begin planning there too but I'm sure that's another Topic. I am grateful for your post.  Al.

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