Topic: My only $500 note  (Read 1000 times)
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No. "Legal tender" does not have that definition in Canada. You can read the definition here, it includes nothing about anyone being required to accept "legal tender" for a payment:
It basically means "officially approved for use", not "required for use". That's why I said that the term is essentially meaningless, because people and institutions can use what ever is mutually acceptable, whether or not it is officially approved.

I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that coins are rolled in fixed amounts because no merchant is required to accept more than that in a single transaction.  I remember many years ago when the TTC went on strike, passengers were advised to pay their fares in pennies as a form of protest.  You should have seen those fare boxes chock full of coppers!  LOL.

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Ah, interesting. Thanks for the corrections.

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