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« on: September 29, 2007, 03:32:36 am »

This set came as a surprise. It is a historical set with the first Malaysian banknotes issued in 1967 with the serial number A/1 000001. It is now offered in the coming Spink Auction under World Banknotes on 8 Oct 2007.

Obviously the set lies low for the past 40 years in the hands of a private collection and probably have been kept in location with tropical climate in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. The notes shows signs of ageing especially on the $100. It is a big mistake to keep these important notes in its original presentation folder in such hash tropical climate.

Besides Malaysia, it is also of historical importance to Singapore and Brunei. After receiving their independance from the British, in 1967, Malaysian banknotes were used and commonly accepted in the other two countries, Singapore and Brunei. All currencies were at par. It is only in the later years, Malaysia currency loses it exchange rate to the other countries. Brunei currency continue to be used in Singapore and vice versa.

This Malaysian first banknotes set will be hotly bidded. I believe the Central Bank of Malaysia will also be very interested to acquire this set. Good Luck to all bidders


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