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Hi everyone, I have a few comments, relating to areas that I have a background in (new stuff).

First, Mr. Marchner's article, I stand behind 100%. Many of you are familiar with my BlackBox articles, and how the Standard Matrix and mini-reams were born.  Mr. Marschner has taken the initial findings of mine, and has made this area of research much more complete.

I am honored to be mentioned in soome of his earlier work, and want everyone to know that although the BlackBox Mystery articles are not as accurate (re: mini reams) as was hypothesized (the "to-do" about the mini-reams at that time was a hypothesis), the BBM articles do show the strain in learning to understanding the Matrix system from the ground up, as they were being written as a guide during discovery.

Like I said earlier, I am pleased to no end, how this area has been looked into with such great interest and accuracy by Mr. Marschner (and others he has inspired), and I want to reiterate that his article is the culmination of much research done on his part, and also several others.  I thank Mr. Marschner for spearheading our instruction in the way of this part of the hobby in the last while.  We are all in agreement with the data, as hard data can only create, and for this I am pleased. 

It is my hope that we can continue to work together in this endeavor, right through to the next series and on and on and on.

Note 2:  From the newsletter:
In several cases over the last couple of months, it
has been reported that brick searchers have received
bundles of circulated notes that were all oriented in
the same direction, with exclusively BTT and BTU
prefixes and a green Bank of Canada band on the
bundle. While the Bank would not confirm this, the
peculiar arrangement of these special bundles and the
frequency with which they have been fou
 been found recently
certainly seems to suggest that the Bank is actively
searching supplies of circulated $10 notes for these

My response:
At the CNA, Bank of Canada Officials have confirmed that the Bank of Canada does have the capacity to recall certain bricks of new notes from the national distribution centers at their will.  Confirmation of the BTT/BTU recall (which I posed as a question "When you recalled the BTT area notes, you repackaged them and resent them, as useable notes..."), was not met with any misgivings or correction to my posed 
question, but rather, was met with a response that was in agreement with the situation posed in the question.

 Explicitely, no admission was made that BTT and BTU were recalled, but admission was made that the recall was entirely possible, at the BoC's will, and no statement was made to correct or redirect my understanding of the process of the "actual recall" which I made clear in how I phrased my question.
 The brick researchers finding the rebanded new notes of BTT and BTU, when presented to the BoC official
 was responded to with an acknowledgement that a recall was in fact what had happened.
 The words "we recalled those specific notes" were not spoken, however, all evidence and implied meaning of the conversation made it quite clear that the BoC had in fact gone through a recall process.

 It was necessary to approach this topic very carefully, starting with outlining our understanding of the note printing. shipping, quality control, and distribution processes.  The BoC official indeed confirmed that our researchers in all areas have a great understanding of most of these processes.  For this, I am also pleased.

I had to chime in on those things, seeing as how I have been a fly on the wall for such a long time.

Note 3:
I did not know the can of worms that would have been opened by looking into the sheet layouts of the notes, back in Dec 06, when this crazy idea started. With lots of notes recorded, and discussions with Gilles, some growing pains, and then more research, this has blossomed into one of the most uniquethings I have been a part of in my life.  Mr. Marschner came along and whisked my baby away into the next stage, and I look back with joy, as the mystery has become hardly a mystery at all.  It has been good for the insert collectors, it has been good for the health of the hobby, it has been good for relations between people, who are fellow researchers, and it has been good for us to all be able to realize that we can all learn from one another.  I love that last part the most.

From what it started as, to what it is today, is something that I never imagined, but I am so happy to see this topic mature into the research-intensive, statistically based, UNIFYING group of data and relations that I have ever been a part of.

I joke about this with those that know me, but in ways there are parallels.... to the reunification of the Christian Churches.
Meaning, there were once people who were at odds with eachother, but now although differences are respected or at least tolorated, in order to work towards a higher good (that's the parallel goal). There has truly been a coming together of hobby enthusiasts, who have put the hobby FIRST, above anything else.
THAT'S why I love this place, and that's why I am proud to be a member of this family.

I hope to always keep in touch with everyone I have ever met or dealt with here, regardless of where the wind will take me.

Highest Regards,

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I also want to specifically thanks BWJM for his role in collaborating data for the BTT/BTU errors, which has ultimately led to the necessity of estblishing a further developed serial number registry.

I know he works long hard hours over this, and we would not be where we are without his hard work.  Brent - it is much appreciated. The electronic tools you are building for the continued research in this area are absolutely invaluable, and for this, and I am sure on behalf of many, I want to say thank you.

Again, Highest Regards,


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Thank you Hudson for those words.

For the benefit of everyone else, this tool that Hudson is referring to is what will be known as the Serial Number Database (SNDB). You can read more about this in this thread. The goal here is to get everyone on the forums reporting data for ALL Journey notes they come across so that we can build up a massive amount of data to facilitate all of the current and future research into these sorts of endeavours.

Also in the September issue of the CPMS Newsletter...
- Did you see the cover page photo?!?? Wowzers!
- And don't forget to look for some important information about new Bank of Canada changeovers and all the latest insert ranges from Gilles Pomerleau

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