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Started by Dr.Bill - Last post by Dr.Bill

Journey series $10 FDT FDU FDW FEC FEH FEJ FEM BEM BEN BEJ for sale.
Grade is CU or better.
Asking $22 each.

Regular mailing  is $2. Xpresspost or tracking is extra.
Email if interested

12   Show and Tell / Re: Dean’s finds

on November 21, 2021, 10:11:15 am

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

November 21st finds…
Party like it’s 1967!

Yesterday, the friendly teller at one of my banks gave me twelve 1867-1967 Centennial notes.
I think that they came in as UNC, but got banged up in the mutilated pile…  :'(

Most tellers use an envelope to store mutilated bank notes and then they save them up before a final accounting is done in the cash cage. 


13   Banknote Grading Standards and TPG / Re: GEM UNC 67?

on November 21, 2021, 10:02:57 am

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

The note in question is a bc44e Thiessen signed 1954 $1000 note graded by CCCS.
The seller is asking $8,000 for it.

14   Banknote Grading Standards and TPG / Re: GEM UNC 67?

on November 21, 2021, 07:58:33 am

Started by Dean - Last post by kid_kc79

Yes they are very hard to find especially in the older banknotes.

15   Banknote Grading Standards and TPG / Re: GEM UNC 67?

on November 20, 2021, 11:51:29 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Archey80

The only BCS67 I’ve seen

16   Banknote Grading Standards and TPG / Re: GEM UNC 67?

on November 20, 2021, 01:39:12 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by kid_kc79

Mostly all TGP companies use a standard that ranges from 1-70. Keep in mind that a 70 is only theoretical as even the most pristine notes from the mint are subject to minor handling evidence when packaged and shipped.

The Charlton catalogue does not price every single number on this range but classifies it by grades. As there are price gaps between each grade, a collector can anticipate the value of his banknotes grading VF35 would achieve a closer closer to EF than VF. The same can be said with UNC notes, while there are no grades above GEM UNC, there are banknotes which will grade above 65 and by looking at past sales it is evident that a 66 or 67 will command much higher prices than a 65.

There is a pride of ownership in knowing you have the best grade recorded however I would caution that an American TGP company certifying a Canadian banknote 66 or 67 could be slightly deceiving as their standards are slightly more relaxed than a Canadian TGP such as BCS. While PMG and others are quick to award grades such as 66 or sometimes 67, finding a BCS 66 or 67 would be a nice treasure.

17   Banknote Grading Standards and TPG / GEM UNC 67?

on November 20, 2021, 11:22:27 am

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean


I am currently trying to ascertain the validity of a TPG slabbed note graded GEM UNC 67.  The Charlton Catalogue has a top grade of Choice UNC (65)

Why doesn't Charlton go up to UNC 67?
Is UNC 76 an American classification?


Started by kid_kc79 - Last post by kid_kc79

Dear follow collectors

Looking for a bit of guidance in valuing this banknote. It is quite rare with only 9 recorded examples and the grade is impressive considering it does not offer any price above VF however given the comments I would very much like to know you opinion.

I was not able to find any sales in recent years but perhaps you know of some.

Thanks in advance.


Started by friedsquid - Last post by friedsquid

Hello Members
I am looking for a quantity of $5 Radar banknotes in both Journey and Frontier series
Please pm with what you have and asking price
Thanks in advance

20   Show and Tell / Re: Banknotes with a yours here too!

on November 15, 2021, 08:21:00 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

I purchased this amazing note for my collection and I was very excited to receive it today!

It is an impaired 1935 English $1 note that has a small stain and a small cut in the top margin.

However, it bears the inscription: “David Evans Mch 13, 1935”.

To history buffs, this note was autographed by this person only two days after the official opening of the Bank of Canada!. This note must have been one of the first Bank of Canada notes ever released into circulation…

This note is a jewel in my collection…I wonder who David Evans was?


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